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%26lt;%26gt; line drawing is a sketch, is to sketch the objects with a monochromatic line. In Chinese painting, line drawing is not only has the independent artistic value of painting, and basic skills in modeling exercise means, or before the painting design process. nike Blazer Mid Metric Line drawing can not only outline the contours of static, dynamic rhythm can also display. Methods: the case control study and PCR detection in northern Sichuan lung cancer patient 125 cases and healthy control group (125 cases) (orthopaedic trauma patients, nike Blazer Mid the injured body health) of the GSTM1 (-) and GSTT1 (-) frequency, the evaluation of gene type and gene interaction and lung cancer susceptibility. Results: cheap Nike Blazers 1, GSTM1 (-) and lung cancer nike Blazer Canada susceptibility GSTM1 (-) gene in lung cancer group and control group were 73 cases Nike Blazer and 71, respectively. The frequency of 58.4% and 56.8%, card square test showed no significant difference (x2 ~2=0.066, P=0.789; in different gender and histological types in the division cloth frequency differences, but there was no statistical significance (P% 26gt; 0.05).